We have 30 kennels all to Regulation Standards, with sleeping quarters adjoined to a day run during the day the dogs can be inside or out, then at night we close the hatches and put the heating on, keeping the dogs nice and cosy.

Our kennels are arranged in blocks of 10 which helps to keep stress levels to a minimum.

Preparing your dog for a stay in kennels is important! I always recommend a short stay as a good introduction.

All of the dogs are walked individually a minimum of twice daily, RAIN OR SHINE!

Animals with health problems are no problem for us, just bring along a short history and any medication required (clearly labelled).

We have 24hr veterinary care on hand (if required).

No animal will be accepted without an up-to-date vaccination certificate Kennel Cough Vaccination is required and MUST BE DONE ATLEAST 2 WEEKS prior to kennelling.

We stock a range of feeds which we find most dogs enjoy, however if your dog has any special dietary requirements you will have to supply your own feeding.

Our Cattery has 10 cabins all with access to covered runs, each one is spacious enough to house up to 3 cats comfortably and are fully heated.

The cattery is situated away from the kennels overlooking the garden, so the cats are not disturbed by the dogs.

Each cat gets individual attention every day, whether it likes to be stroked and or groomed.

Full annual vaccinations are required and your cat should be treated for flea prevention before arrival, even if your cat is a house cat. Although we take every precaution, not every owner is so careful.

We will supply the feeding. However if your cat has any special dietary requirements then you will have to supply your own feeding.


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